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Poised Business Cohort

Sign up for marketing, branding, and business fundamentals, based in Biblical principles.

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About The Cohort

Sometimes it helps to have like-minded individuals to bounce great content off of — and now, it can save money too. Facilitated by Danielle, our monthly Brand Writing Cohort offers an incubator for any content you'd like help writing while teaching you how to develop your own creative process — all at a fraction of the price of our writing services.

Made with the solopreneur in mind, this monthly cohort offers brand owners an imaginative place to develop, practice, and test their content. Each month, you will meet up with a group of no more than six like-minded individuals to discuss a topic, learn content development techniques, group brainstorm and critique + more.

This cohort is structured as a  mix of virtual and in-person sessions with a few guest experts. The goal is to leave the cohort inspired and empowered to promote your brand with greater meaning and bigger impact. 

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This Cohort Is Perfect For...

-The DIY business owner who wants help writing but still loves to keep creative ownership of their brand.
- The business owner who could benefit from collective feedback on the look, feel, and voice of their business.
-The business owner preparing to scale their creative process beyond just themselves.
-The business owner struggling to find their business voice.  
-The business owner who thrives in a collaborative environment. 
- The business owner who wants to try something different to spark new marketing/branding concepts. 
-The writer who's experiencing writer's block.
-The business owner who needs to produce content and needs to save money doing it.

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Sign Up For The Brand Writing Cohort

Please thoroughly fill out the form below to start registration to join a cohort. Based on the information you provide, you will be placed in the cohort schedule that fits your specific needs. We look forward to creating with you.

How many cohort sessions are you interested in?

Thank you for sharing. We will reach out to the email you provided for more details.

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